Healthy Eating Books for Children

The Amira Foundation recognises that good nutrition is of the utmost importance for children. Not only does nutrition education in childhood lay the foundations for good health in later life, but promoting good nutrition in children allows for greater development of the immune system and helps the body to grow to its full potential. Proper nutrition can also help children to be more alert and attentive in school.

One way in which the Amira Foundation aims to promote healthy eating amongst school aged children is through the launch of a series of books aimed at primary school aged children. The books, which will follow the adventures of a cast of colourful, child friendly characters, will aim to be both an entertaining and informative way for children to learn about the benefits of healthy eating and how they can achieve healthier lifestyles. Through these books we hope not only to increase an awareness of nutritional issues for children, but to also promote a passion for healthy eating at the earliest possible stage of their development.