Why the Amira Foundation?

[textbox]why the amira foundation

2015 marks the centenary of the Amira Group, and with it the company will look back on our proud 100 year history. The past 100 years have seen the Amira group grow from a modest agro-commodities trading house, to become a global corporation, currently listed on the New York Stock Exchange and with a turnover of over $500 million.

This rapid rise has ​all ​occurred through spreading the joy of basmati rice​,​ and other speciality packaged foods​,​ across the world and it is in recognition of the good fortune food has brought the company that ​we were inspired to launch the Amira Foundation, as a means of giving back.

​As we enter our second century,​ The​ Amira​ Foundation, which will be primarily focused towards food education​,​ marks a key step for ​us by creating a platform ​through which​ the Amira Group can make a difference, raising awareness of diet-related illness and issues and promoting the importance of good nutrition.

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